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Bamboo Poles
Resort Backyards offers a versatile range of bamboo poles with variety of lengths and diameters in natural, carbonized, natural black and speckled bamboo. Commercial grade Bamboo Poles and decorative bamboo sticks are manufactured with the highest grade Tonkin and Moso. Get bamboo poles for sale at

Bamboo Fencing: Bamboo Fencing does so much more than provide the feel and look of the tropics, which alone makes it one of our most beloved products. Resort Backyards has rolled bamboo fencing and bamboo privacy fence that can be used to provide privacy, as a screen for a deck, or to cover an unattractive feature or view.

Thatch Materials: Resort Backyards has exclusive thatch for tiki huts. These are the same products professionals have been using in construction projects around the world, and we wanted consumers to have the opportunity to use the same commercial-grade thatch professional’s use. The thatch materials like tiki grass at Resort Backyards stands out for its ability to withstand rain, wind and defend your roof against the fierce elements of nature by deflecting harsh sunlight and proving great insulation capability.  

Bamboo Panels: Here we have decorative and stylish bamboo wall covering harvested from the finest quality materials in the world.  Matting is created from the natural leaves of the palm trees and the products are of a wide variety of sizes. Bamboo matting is hand woven into zigzag patterns using thin strips which are pressed together to form a rolled sheet. Its uniform light beige restful color tones are elegant which gives subtle organic textures to the walls and ceilings.