Bamboo Wedding Arch - An Elegant and Natural Way to Honor Your Special Day

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When it is a wedding or ceremony to commemorate a special event, by Sunset Bamboo has no less than the finest, most beautiful four pole Bamboo Wedding arch available. You will get an elegant and beautifully natural way to honor your special day and as The New York Times put it, “For the do-it-yourselfers, there are huppah and wedding-arbor kits available online at sites like Sunset Bamboo.”


You can adorn the stage with flowers, lights, fabric, vines, shells or crystals, in either a traditional or contemporary setting. However a high quality bamboo wedding arch provided by the Resort Backyards by designates the epicenter of the ceremonial stage with a grace that no other material can provide. And it provides the perfect structure upon which to craft a wedding canopy to remember. At Resort Backyards by Sunset Bamboo, you can also get bamboo panels. Whether you have planned a romantic beach, lakeside, garden, city rooftop, or even a simple backyard wedding, you can make the event more special and simply beautiful with Bamboo Wedding Arch at

You can get bamboo room divider and a bamboo wedding arch which is a quality structure with a naturalistic richness that can readily be adorned to your preference. Natural Bamboo Wedding Arch available at Resort Backyards by is made from both Tonkin and Moso Bamboo. The kit consists of (4) 8 foot long 3 and 1/2 inch diameter base poles and (4) 7 foot long 1 and 5/8 inch diameter cross hatch poles. The base bamboo poles have pre-cut holes to slide the cross hatch poles into place for a clean finished look.  Get bamboo poles for sale and this bamboo wedding arch for a simple and elegant setting for your special day and for everyday use for years to come.

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