Resort Backyards Testimonial

The Resort Backyard family believes in community and striving toward greener living every day. As a family, we participate in numerous neighborhood clean-ups each year, and we all take measures to be greener at home and at work. Last year, we challenged our staff even further with a personal eco-challenge. For one year, all Resort Backyard employees made conscious, daily effort toward a healthier and greener lifestyle — some rode their bicycles to work, some changed out landscaping to be more drought-tolerant, some started recycling programs at home, some did volunteer work in their communities, and some replaced old energy-consuming appliances — the results have been fantastic. That's why we want to hear from you! From customers like you we learn new ways to bring you the best natural products thats, renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly with the highest quality, value and benefit to your well being and the planet’s. We like to share your stories with other consumer interested in eco-conscious living — and when you share your story here you'll help us do that!